Working together to keep it together

Class Attendance

Members must reserve a spot in class up to one day in advance via the Members Portal. This not only saves you a spot in a limited attendance class, but allows coaches to keep you informed in the event of a class cancellation due to weather or the like.

Members must check in to class upon arrival via the Check-In kiosk (i.e. tablet). A class reservation does not serve as a check-in. Please plan to arrive early to get situated.

Members are required to cancel their class reservation up to 30 minutes in advance of the class start in the event that their availability changes to avoid a $10 penalty. This allows those on a wait list to participate in your absence with enough notice to arrive.


Parking is limited to spaces immediately in front of our building (#4), in front of Building #1 (first building on the left) or along the street driving in.

Please do NOT park in front of any other building as those spaces are for those tenants only during regular business hours.

OPen Gym

Open Gym attendance is limited to members with the All Access - Unlimited & Build Specialty Program membership plans only. These members must sign up in advance to use Open Gym through the Members Portal.

Open Gym will always have a coach “on duty”; however, it is NOT to be used as a coaching session and may not be closely supervised. These hours are also for private appointments (i.e. training clients and new member on-boarding).

Coaches/trainers have priority during Open Gym including the stereo, timer and music, as well as equipment. Coaches reserve the right to end all workouts that prove hazardous to the member, surrounding people and/or the gym and its equipment. Please be courteous and respectful of our space and time.

Members using Open Gym are responsible for cleaning up after themselves, as they would be during normal class attendance, including but not limited to returning equipment to its proper “home”, cleaning the equipment of any and all bodily fluids and throwing away used tape, etc.

Open Gym hours include:

  • Monday through Friday 10:00a - 12:00p and 1:30 - 4:30p

Children & Dogs

We love kids and dogs; however, we are not a daycare of any kind, so please consider the following:

  • Children are welcome in the lobby, but not on the workout floor.

  • Children must be able to be unsupervised while their parents work out.

  • Please leave sick children at home to avoid spreading germs.

  • Parents (and children) are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

  • Please notify staff if you are uncomfortable around any dog so that it can be removed.

  • Dogs must remain leashed at all times.

  • Dogs cannot be aggressive towards people or other dogs. One strike policy.

  • Dogs must be current on flea and tick prevention or the owner will be financially responsible for pest control management.

  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog(s), including urine, feces, drool and hair.

  • Dogs must be behaved. No excessive barking, howling or otherwise distracting behavior is permitted.

  • Dogs that nip, bite, excessively jump on people will not be permitted back to the gym.

Gym Etiquette

Respect our coaches. Arrive early to class. Pay attention to instructions and leave your ego at the door. Coaches have final say in your workout regarding scaling and modifications. Safety and quality of movement are of the utmost importance. It’s not personal. We promise.

Leave your personal belonging outside of the workout floor. Make sure you leave with everything you arrived with. If you do forget something, our lost & found is located in the lobby; however, items will be donated if not claimed after one month.

Clean up after yourself. This applies to the workout floor (i.e. putting up equipment and wiping it clean) as well as the bathroom and lobby area. Cleaning supplies are readily available for your use.

Practice good hygiene. Don’t forget your deodorant and wash your gym clothes.

Athletic attire and closed-toed gym shoes are required to workout.

Be courteous about cell phone use. There are a lot of great workout tracking apps and we encourage you to log your workouts. We simply ask that you be mindful of how distracting phone conversations can be and kindly request that you leave the workout floor to take a call.

Be aware of your surroundings and respect every member’s workout space. This is both for safety as well as for courtesy.

Respect the gym and its equipment as if it was your own because in a way, it is. Do not drop empty barbells EVER.

At times, you may need to “work in” with another member. We encourage you to locate someone of a similar abilities to make these sets the most efficient whenever possible.

If you have a cold, flu or other contagious illness, please do not come to the gym. Given the nature of intense physical training, the transmission of contagious diseases occurs quite readily.

Any member who incurs an injury or becomes dizzy/ill while training should immediately notify a coach for assistance. A first aid kit and AED are available in the lobby for emergencies.

Pause Membership

Members with a 12-month agreement (paid monthly) may pause their membership with 15 days notice in advance of their next billing date in 30 day increments for up to 90 days.

Pausing memberships will extend the length of the agreement equal to the length of pause.

A $15 per month fee will be incurred for each month of the pause.


Members with a month-to-month and 12-month (paid monthly) agreement may cancel their membership plan with 30 days notice in advance of their next billing date.

The early cancellation fee is half of the remaining agreement’s dues (i.e. if there are four months remaining, two months worth of dues is the fee required to terminate the agreement).