Talk is cheap. We are not.

We pride ourselves on not being the cheapest gym in town – and we hope that cheap is not what you're looking for. Our price is reflective of the unparalleled level of service that we provide and lifelong value of a healthy lifestyle as well as physical autonomy.


We are happy to welcome any and all out of town visitors to Hill Country MVMT! Day passes and punch cards are limited to attendance in our MVMT classes only (MVMT60, MVMT45, MVMT30 as well as Open Gym).

  • Visitor Day Pass (Drop-In) $25 (Expires two weeks from date of purchase)

  • 5-Class Punch Card $125 (Expires 60 days from date of purchase)

  • 10-Class Punch Card $200 (Expires 60 days from date of purchase)

MVMT Memberships


Unlimited MVMT classes per month + Open Gym access

All Access Unlimited Pricing (1).png


9 MVMT classes per month (and no Open Gym access)

All Access Limited Pricing (1).png

MVMT Prep Course

The MVMT Prep Course is required learning for the MVMT60 class for any members who have not have at least (3) months previous experience at a high-intensity, functional fitness “box”. MVMT Prep is highly recommended if more than a year has lapsed since your previous experience, but not required.

Sign up for any (6) or (12) month membership agreement upon completion of the MVMT Prep Course and $49 will be credited to your first month’s dues.

  • Small Group MVMT PREP — two, 60-Minute Training Sessions $99*

Join small group MVMT Prep Course sessions, learn the movements needed to participate in the MVMT60 classes and start to build camaraderie with other like-minded members!

  • Private MVMT PREP — Two, 60-Minute Training Sessions $149*

Schedule your one-on-on MVMT Prep Course personal training sessions at your convenience with the privacy to discuss unique needs.

Booty Camp

Specialty Program

$149/Month (Month-to-Month) Non-Member (3x/Wk Limited Membership) >> $99/Month Member Add-On

BUILD (Functional Bodybuilding)

Specialty Program

$159/Month (Month-to-Month) Non-Member (3x/Wk Limited Membership) >> $99/Month Member Add-On